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Callum Hyland – Office Manager

Callum is a PhD Graduate and sports enthusiast with a strong background in administration, event organisation, teaching and customer service. Callum has excellent oral and written communication skills, having taught at the University of Tasmania, and has significant experience in the organisation and management of numerous state, national and international sporting events throughout Australia over the past ten years.

As the Office Manager for Parbery Consulting, Callum demonstrates exceptional communication and people skills – with proven records in customer service, personal relations, and both verbal and written communication – is highly proficient in the fields of administration and IT, and is well practiced in project coordination and excellent attention to detail.

Additionally, he is motivated and able to work both individually and in a team environment, through his ability to problem solve and multi-task.

Throughout his career, Callum has had a high level of experience in the organisation and management of large-scale events – especially in the fields of event logistics, time-management and multi-tasking to meet deadlines.


  • Bachelor of Arts (History, Latin, and Classics) – University of Tasmania, 2010
  • Honours in Classics (Ancient Literature) – University of Tasmania, 2011
  • PhD in Classics (Ancient Literature) – University of Tasmania, 2017


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