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About us

Parbery Consulting, delivering high-quality, authentic solutions that work for you.

We are local. Based in Canberra, we offer personalised and genuine services.

We are collaborative. We work with our clients to develop and deliver tailored solutions. We join your team and leverage your knowledge and expertise to provide services that are right for you. We know we don’t have all the answers, but we do know the best way to find the answer is by working together.

We have a proven track record and a long history of successfully delivering end-to-end idea realisation for the ACT and Commonwealth Governments. Some of our clients include the Department of Finance, the Department of Defence, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Taxation Office and IP Australia.

Our team has a wealth of experience and is ready to provide fresh thinking and effective solutions across a range of areas – from Defence hardware, to software, ICT infrastructure, strategy, and everything in between.

We are authentic. Our consulting approach is down to earth. We consider ‘substance over form’ to provide pragmatic solutions to help you achieve your strategic business goals.

Our team

Photo of Kylie Burnett

Kylie Burnett


Photo of Nick Chapman

Nick Chapman


Photo of Callum Hyland

Callum Hyland

Office Manager

Photo of Chris Young

Chris Young

Executive Director

Photo of Andrew Chartres

Andrew Chartres

Senior Manager

Photo of Kylie Chapman

Kylie Chapman

Human Resources

Photo of Callum Hyland

Laura Ushay

Executive Director

Photo of Stuart Richards

Stuart Richards

Senior Manager

Photo of Leigh Redman

Leigh Redman

Executive Director

Photo of Nawshad Shaikh

Nawshad Shaikh


Photo of Callum Hyland

Ryan Mapham

Senior Manager